Reflexology And Chemotherapy

Reflexology And ChemotherapyResearch, Auditing and Data Collection for Shiatsu. Davies, Elizabeth – Shiatsu Society Journal, Winter 2010, Issue 116, p21 – The report discusses the basics in Shiatsu study. In accord with the article, exploratory research is the beginning of the research procedure and are usually small scale and requires a low level of resourcing. The writer adds that research is only going to be taken seriously if it’s scientific status. Massage modes and also Symptoms Reported by Cancer Patients: Narrative Review. The current article provides an overview and review of published studies wherein patient reported symptom evaluations were assessed in. Development of a Hand Massage Service to get Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy.

Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, May 2014, Vol. 20 Issue 5, pA73 – An abstract of its analysis Development of a Hand Massage Service to get Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy, by Anne Doherty Gilman is introduced. Proof Based Reflexology: A Pathway to Health. Sala Horowitz – Alternative & Complementary Therapies, Aug 2004, Vol. 10 Issue 4, p211 – Summarizes newest evidence based research on the therapeutic uses of reflexology. Description and endurance of reflexology, History background of the different clinical applications of reflexology, benefits of reflexology on all people particularly with handicap, Indication. Create Balance With Reflexology. Milder, Michele – Massage Magazine, Sep 2009, Issue 160, p78 – The article provides information on reflexology as a method for health improvement and as an increasing profession.

chemotherapy and reflexologyMeanwhile. Reflexologists win. Walsh, Kelle – Massage Magazine, May-Jun 2004, Issue 109, p185 – Reports on its Iowa Department of Public Health’s recommendation to get its exemption of reflexology from its nation’s massage treatment law. Petition by reflexologists in protest to a decision by its state massage board to include their modality under its law, Call for exemption of Feldenkrais. The Evolution of Integrative Reflexology. Miller, Claire Marie – Massage Magazine, Jun 2008, Issue 145, p121 – The report offers suggestions on reflexology. EFICACIA DE LA REFLEXOTERAPIA PODAL EN LA DISMINUCIN DEL DOLOR ASOCIADO A PATOLOGAS MUSCULOESQUELTICAS. Puerto, ngela Marcela – Revista Umbral Cientfico, Jun 2009, Issue 14, p48 – This paper describes its outcomes of a survey conducted with 112 individuals with medical diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders.

The population consisted of 62 females and 50 men of age. Of the 112 patients throughout the reflexology legs, at an early stage, 9% had mild pain, 43% moderate. Swedish Massage, Reflexology Benefit Elderly Cancer Survivors. Hodgson, Nancy A., Lafferty, Doreen – Massage Magazine, Oct 2012, Issue 197, p86 – The reports a pilot study that was conducted To analyze its effectiveness of reflexology and also Swedish massage on elderly cancer survivors.